Submit setup/usage questions [RESOLVED]

Is there any way, to set the Submit stuff, to automatic?

it interupts ANYTHING that is going on, to tell me that it is sumbitting something (one file!)

and every so many minutes, pops up and tells me that x number of files have NOT been submitted yet…

I just want it to do its job, without informing me. (taking over desktop)

Any way? I can play in the configs if i must.



Msg duplicated in EVERY section that i use. (not sure which one is pertinent)

Email: giantkin [ at ] if you have a solution as well…


Please do not create duplicate topics.

Are you referring to the function in CFP 3 that allows you to submit files to Comodo? You don’t have to send the files if you don’t want to. I don’t think the process can be done automatically, as you’ll have to add the files manually, and submit them.


Go to Miscellaneous/Settings and check off Automatically Submit Files under the update tab. You can also just use D+ in safe mode then you no longer have to deal with pending files.

Thanks Vettetech,

if thats the only way, well thats preferable than having interrupt every few minutes… Thanks.

Ragwig. its duplicated in each product that i use, that uses the Submit system. Figured that was the smartest way to get a response :slight_smile:

It is automatic… its on/off i just dont want it to tell me after its done, that its done. kinda pointless.

heck i dont want it to tell me it COULDNT update some files either… :slight_smile:

Thanks both for reponding so quick.


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