submit having network errers

As another escapee from the last Zone Alarm fiasco I am trying to get to grips with Comodo. I have found the options to add applications via My own safe, some are rather odd omissions in the online data base (Paint Shop Pro X, Aronis True Image Home). Some times these have been submitted OK but today all I get when adding to my list and submitting new ones is “Network Error Please Check the network connection”. Now clearly my network/internet is working for everything else, what going wrong?
Also how long normally does it take for submitted files to be added to the on line data base?

Its a server error. Use D+ in Safe mode instead of Clean PC Mode. That way there you have no pending files.

tried in safe mode, no idea what D+ is though, still had the error in though

LOL. Its a good idea to familiarize yourself with any software before installing it. D+ is the HIPS protection part of Comodo. Hope this helps. The error is a server error on Comodo’s part and not yours. Dont worry about submitting the files. Comodo is more then a firewall.