Submit a quarantined file to VirusTotal

I would like to submit a quarantined file to VirusTotal
when I attempt this I get a message saying I need admin rights or the file owners permission
any suggestions…

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Hi treefrogs,
Using caution you would have to restore the file, removing it from quarantine to be able to upload it to VT.
If real time scanning is enabled and it gets flagged as malware it will instantly be quarantined again.
Do not disable the real time scanner and remove it from quarantine if you are not certain of the files capabilities.
To restore a quarantined item to its original location

Note: The real name of the file will be different than that shown in the Data folder.
The real name will be shown in view quarantine from within the GUI.

I suspected I may have to restore the file
I followed your advice and successfully uploaded the file with no problems :-TU
Thanks captainsticks

You are welcome, all the best. :slight_smile: