'Submission failed due to internet connection problem'

For about a month now, my Comodo window pops up every few minutes to tell me that files / software listed for submission for checking have not ‘gone’, with the message ‘Submission failed due to internet connection problem’. In all other respects, my internet is working fine - what would be causing this - and can anyone suggest a remedy?

Thanks in advance,

Denis Hanbury

I have the very same problem and no one here seems to have an answer!!! Can receive emails and webpages but comodo refuses to update and tells us the wrong thing. What are we suppose to do? There must be some configuration problem. Does the support team read forum posts?

What version of Comodo are you running?

Also have you attempted to reinstall it?

Firewall 3.8
Very strange having to reinstall for a little problem like that.
May have to in the end if there seems no solution

Well I’m not really sure what the problem is, but it’s possible that they changed the format for file submission. This could cause the problem.

Besides it’s almost always worth it to install the newest version of security software. If you don’t like the new features the nice thing about CIS is that it can be configured extensively.

CIS 3.8??? We are presently at 3.14 and there has been quite changes to as a whole. You may either upgrade to CUS 3.14 or wait for sometime as CIS 4 has now entered RC stage and would probably be released within a short period.

In which module do these show? Is it in antivirus or defense+ - my pending files or files queued for submission. If these are just applications in queues waiting for submission, I feel you can just delete the files in queue and it will take out your trouble.

I assume that you use CIS AV also. If these are viruses, you can send it using the following link. (However, since updates to 3.8 was stopped way back, there could also be a possibility that many of them are already added).


Thanks Layman, you made me realize that I only have the firewall, whilst my MRS has CIS 3.8 including the AV. I was always under the impression that it included both. I do remember asking this question here once.

Well I do know that that AV for CIS 3.8 does not get updated. Things have changed quite a bit since then. That really needs to be updated.