Stylish Editor fixed window size and no devtools dark theme

Hi, the edit window on Stylish 1.4.1 wont resize, with CID 26 (dk about earlier versions) its fixed at 580x380, and the devtools theme doesnt change to dark in the Stylish editor when configured, only in the web inspector. Theres no min/max buttons in the titlebar of the Stylish editor, only a close button, and double clicking the titlbar doesnt render it fullscreen

Im not sure if its a window resizing issue i can tweak in about:config or CIDs custom window controls, but would love some help on this, i use Stylish alot, and need a bigger window

afaik its not a profile issue, ive tested it on a new one and the Stylish editor and scripts work properly otherwise

Style is firefox-addon so it looks like it must be for firefox … it should be better beginning to make your own style like it is written on firefox heltp (forum).

dyou suggest I write a script for the stylish editor to correct whatever bugs causing the glitches?

wouldve thought by my posting this question/complaint, that im not upto writing such a script

and was hoping someone who understood the problem, or very least used Stylish themselves with their install of CID would reply

oops !
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Sorry but i am not your personal consultant.

Icould answer to you nasty things but it would " ad hominen " fight ! Something like ‘it is up to you man’ or ‘google is your friend’ … The philosophy behind a ‘free’ add-on is - do yourself = customize as you wish - especially with firefox (dragon and ice are similar).

Only one person can solve that and help you : the dev
so will you please, man, contact him ?
A user could not do better that the dev except if you wish a trick or a bad advice even from ‘experimented user’ …

version 1.42 pls

But you are right , i do not understand your problem and your post.

here they say the same thing : do it yourself