Stuxnet vs the world

You can become infected with an USB key, and the virus can update itself through P2P.
Don’t they use some kind of security in Nuclear Reactor?

Yeah, they use Norton… >:-D

Where do you read the infection traveled by USB stick? It is not in the two articles your provided.

Infection from the web seems a likely attack vector here.

Instead it infects Windows machines via USB keys - commonly used to move files around - infected with malware.

Ah yes, sorry, I read it in another article in french.

Thanks for the link. That’s an interesting article all together.

What is more interesting is that it is state-sponsored malware by israel to disrupt iran’s nuclear system. I wonder if Useless Nations have something about that in their rules so that Israel can be held responsible, because that is sort of electronic warfare, right? But then again, they are not called Useless Nations for nothing… 88)