Stuxnet - Could CIS Sandbox Have Blocked This?

I couldn’t help but wonder if CIS with its sandboxing technology could block something like Stuxnet. Can it?

on x64 might be ,on x86 sure. and don’t worry no one gonna trigger this type of virus on home pc lol

Oh I am not worried about getting this particular one. It was just a curiosity question.

yes, completely remove everything from the TVL, and only trust the programs currently installed on the computer. Anything else should be blocked permanently. Simple as that, usability of the computer would be interesting though.

stock settings, No. Stuxnet was signed with a valid digital signature from realtek, no one could stop that because it would have been white listed by every AV company. The only way to stop things like that is to use SHA1 in the white list instead of file signature and that would be a problem because every new file created even by microsoft would be blocked because it would be unknown.