stupid question about my own safe files

in the d+ panel i added all my safe files like photoshop cs2 , winzip ,winrar and so on , i click ok
to be sure i reboot my pc

well now if i run winrar and i open a rar file & try to run a program inside the rar files , comodo pop up a window and i have to allow/deny/policy trusted or windows system application

but why should pop up , if i added these programs in the safe list?

thanks (V) (V) (L)

Your safe list is more for when your purge your pending files. Its not for an ignore list. Thats why program are under D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Thats where you add your programs.

but is there a ignore list?

Adding a program to My Own Safe Files has the same effect as having the program on Comodo’s whitelist. Some but not all behaviors may be learned for a ‘safe’ program, depending on the Defense+ mode you’re using.

i’m using training mode
but i did notice that if i export my setting ,[b] i lose my safe files /b