Stupid alerts..

Alright… I 'm playing a FPS but I have a slow computer… I used to have ZoneAlarm firewall but removed it because I thought it would reduce my lagg, never had problems with it. I was looking on the internet for good firewalls and found Comodo. Yes, it’s non laggy’er than ZoneAlarm but… During the game I keep getting alerts saying GameGuard.des is trying to make a new folder or something like that. Wtf, when I touch the alert with my mouse
the game closes… I can’t even finish a game atm. Please tell me how to stop those alerts because they are really pissing me off…


Set the Defense + to the Training Mode and launch the game. Play for about 2 minutes and exit. Set the Defense + to your desired (safer position). Now you can play the game without popups :slight_smile:

For more info please visit the “A Note Gamers” thread by Vettetech

HTH :wink:

Oh, thanks :stuck_out_tongue: