Stumbled across this..what do you think?

I would appreciate your opinions about this interesting peice of free softaware. I’m sure that someone here could give us the lowdown about the effectiveness of this program.

Take a look at

Regards Bader40 (R)

...what do you think?

I think it’s advertising. J/K ;D.
I think it’s associated with Internet Explorer just by the logo ;D. Did you know its former name is eCondom (now why would a name change be required 88)? I found that out from Beta News and it’s definitely not new ;D):

Apparently, it used to be freeware. Well, I only posted some facts, not any reviews of it, so you can just ignore this post.

Hey Soya, thanks for your in depth review ;D I’m not advertising any of Comodo competitors software ( my colours have been nailed to the Comodo mast for some time now, believe me ) but anyone who uses this forum obviously takes interent security very seriously and i was interested to hear wether this software is a good idea or not.

P.S ECondom…mmm beats me why they had to change the name, i think it would remind people to practice safe surfing ;D

That reminds me of something I was asking for
But my system is already a snail I’m reluctant to install additional software…

That reminds me…i need some more RAM