Stuff I would like to see in the next Comodo Forewall version.

I am currently using Comodo and I like how it works. There is one thing though that I would REALLY like to see. The ability to create “IP/Zones Lists” which you can select and use in application and network Monitor. That way I could add IPs I want allowed or blocked under a “List” which I could select under the rules to allow or deny. The lists would be created the same way as you create zones. Name the list and add the zones and/or independent IP addresses you want in it.

A few more things I can live without but would like to see:

-The ability to ‘name’ the network rules you create. So I could easily distinguish between friend IP’s. So x.y.z.w would also show as “John”.
-Grouping application rules. Meaning all rules regarding application X are under its own group which can be expanded (helps clean up the list a bit). Also it would not be a bad idea to be able to select the application X group and get a clean representation on how the rules you created will work. So if you have multiple rules you can see a simple this is allowed and this is blocked explanation.

Either way, these are just suggestions which I believe would improve the firewall a lot and attract more people to it. I love this firewall and I really am thankfull for being able to use it for free. It is an amazing product and I thank you for it.

I agree. Those features would be nice, although probably not at the top of my wish list. I just started using Comodo firewall, and I’ll post some suggestions for improvements pretty soon.

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actually u should post ur suggestion under ‘comodo wish list’ thread, but make a new thread here seems better coz i feel no one care abt ‘wish list’ thread anymore, just too messy alr.