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My CFP on Vista keeps telling me there is an update available, but when I opt for the update nothing happens. I have uninstalled (using the Vista uninstaller) CFP and tried to install a freshly downloaded, but after installation I am still at I also tried a manual update (from the Miscellaneous page, but after selecting Next to proceed with the update I get a message that “Updates have been installed.” Does this make sense to anyone? Thanks.

AVG 7.5
BOClean 4.25


Disable internet connection first. Then try uninstalling using the CFP uninstaller from start menu. Then after re-boot manually delete all comodo folders and files remaining in “program files” and “program data” folders. Also delete Users%username%\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\Firewall Pro.

After this run a good registry cleaner if you have one. CCleaner has a registry cleaner but this is not as powerful as some others.

Turn off on-access antivirus scanning and re-install the latest version of the firewall. Reboot when asked. I have UAC disabled.

This worked for me on Vista Home Premium 32 bit.


Thanks, N.T.T.W.,
It worked for me also. I do have UAC enabled and I used CCleaner to clean the registry (although I didn’t pay any attention to whether or not it found anything. I had deleted everything Search found matching “Comodo”.


I had to do the same thing uninstalled the latest version , went back to so far so good it seems like every time we have an update its always worse than the one before.