stuck in paranoid mode

hi,another newbie here,
I am in paranoid mode but I seem to be keeps asking permission for things already allowed,
I cannot get back to a restore point or uninstall.Any ideas please.
sorry for posting in wrong places before
Thanks in advance
brotherhood :-[

Paranoid mode and autosandboxing enabled can be especially confusing.

If you are new, maybe try safe mode first.

Note: Paranoid mode could cause malfunctions if done wrong. For example, the screensaver might not start without a rule.

The app may be an unrecognized file. You should keep an eye on those and manually move any to trusted files-list ASAP when you know that they are indeed trusted. Once any arbitrary file is in the trusted file-list, any rules associated with said file will take full affect.

Often the files that get flagged by CIS or generate alerts are enigma to inexperienced users unaware of what’s going on inside their system. The interwebs can be immensely helpful to get details about what something is and whether it should be trusted or not.

thanks for your replies but I cannot even get a restore point and I am only using programs that are working
fine on my desktop and have done so for just keeps going round and round in circles.i am very frustrated
and any other suggestions most welcome.
thanks again

still stuck how can I uninstall when it will not let me do anything?

If you are running Win7 you can access the gui in Safe Mode (F8) this will allow you to change from Paranoid Mode to Safe Mode even though CIS is not running.

Or can do a System Restore in Safe Mode (F8) as CIS is not running and will not stop it.

hi all
thanks for all your help.
I do not know what went on but it has started working as it should and all seems well.
I am still a little dubious of using it but as long as it does nothing else untoward then fine.
once again all many thanks
broothhood :slight_smile: