Stuck in loop on website trying to download CIS Pro that I paid for

I ordered a 30 day trial back in February. I never received any notice of the expiration or how to continue with the Pro version. I have fought the website for 4 months regarding my login info. Today I went online and ordered the CIS Pro with Trust Connect for $39.00. After many failures with PayPal login, which does work if I go to Paypal and login to my account, I placed the order with a credit card. I received a receipt of some kine. I have CIS installed, but not Trust Connect. I clicked on the link in the receipt to download Trust Connect and it put me back at the purchase screen asking for my profile info and my credit card info again. I clicked on the link to download the CIS Pro software with the same results.
I am confused. I paid for it, but I cannot download it. This website is driving me insane. I called the sales phone number and they refused to help me with a PC product. I was given the phone number 201-963-0004 ext 4072 which no one answers. How do I download my order.


have you tried the online help ? They’ll probably be able to fix this problem.


Define online help. Which topic of help. Please be more specific.

I Would Request You To Click On This Link Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account Which Will Take You To Your Account Login Page. Once You Are There, I Would Request You To Login Using The User ID And Passsword Which You Used While Registering. Once You Logged In On The Top There Will Be Trustconnect And In That Page You Can Find The Link To Download Trustconnect.

You Can Also Download From Here

Can you send me the link for the latest CIS Pro download.

Also, what does it mean by an account status of State - Incomplete in my profile?

Will It Be Possible For You To Let Us Know What’s The Current Version Of CIS Installed On Your System

Thanks for a quick response.

SN# FDFAB80F4B57476c8C200A0ADF2FCD58
Product Version# 3.9.95478.509
Virus Sig DB Ver = 1286

PS I successfully downloaded TrustConnect

PSS Can the memory firewall and BOClean be run simultaneously with CIS and Trust Connect? Does it impact performance much?

Me again :wink:

You can uninstall BoClean and Comodo Memory Firewall. Why ? Because they’re already integrated into Comodo 3.9 , so you already have their protection :slight_smile: