Stuck at 'establishing secure connection'


It happened to me some 2 weeks ago for the first time. I would open Dragon and could access and https page for first 20-30 seconds (from stating CD). After this any attempt to open a new https (to a new site) would time out after status bar displaying ‘establishing secure connection’. Need to close CD and open it again and again it works fine for 20-30 seconds. I use multiple source of internet (3G, 4G, wifi, wired) and from various providers. The same problem. I checked my PC for viruses and malware - all clean. Problem went away on its own 2 days latter.

The same problem started on last Sunday. Tried everything including CD removal and re-installation. No change: after 20-30 seconds from starting CD, no new https connections can be established (stuck at ‘establishing secure connection’). Need to close CD and start over - can connect to any https site for 20-30 seconds. Other browser (IE) seems not to be affected (working fine).

Any idea? Thanks, Leszek

Some logs enclosed.

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