stuck at converting???11

i find this strange problem. every time i upload PDF file and after sending fax, the status is stuck at converting, and just couldnt see the success.

wondering if there is a problem with trustfax?

No problem with trustfax - you should refresh the page to see the new status.
The tracking status converting means that the document is being coverted to the correct file format to fax out. After the file is converted (usually about 1 - 10 seconds depending upon the number of pages) the status will change to queued. Queued means the fax is in process of being sent.
You can refresh the page to see the change in status. Once the document is faxed and accepted by the receiptient fax device, the status will be success.

I am having the same problem. After one hour and 15 minutes the fax is not being converted and has not been sent. I refresh the page and I log out and log back in, and check tracking and the fax is stuck on converting. I know its not being converted and sent since I am sending it to fax machine in our office and nothing has been received. How long does TrustFax typically take to convert a small (less than 50 kb) document and send out?

The fax status will not change from “converting” and has been at that point for a couple hours now. Tried refreshing as was recommended on a previous post – did not work. What is causing this to happen? Everything has been fine until today.

Update - 1 hour and 27 minutes - it is queued and 1 hour and 33 minutes it is received. The fax was a word doc. with a graphic - could that have been the delay? Is it better to convert to pdf first??

Trustfax converts all files to a specific fax format to send. Trustfax works with many different file types from image files, office documents, pdf formats and other file types.
In your specific instance, there was a problem with the individual file that caused the conversion to fail. Conversion usually is about a 1 - 3 second process to complete depending upon file size.
The support team accessed your file to verify that it had no corruption and resaved the file. the fax job was resubmitted and the file was able to convert properly.
You can contact to assist you further.