Just updated 2 computers (Win 7 and Win 10) to latest version of CIS.
Immediately a zero byte file appears in my Temp folder - stsrvl.exe.

What is it and why is it there?

A quick Google search suggests it is related to Comodo Dragon browser. Did you install Dragon Browser or update it? I did a repair installation for Dragon but did not get that file in %temp% folder.

No I don’t have Dragon Browser.
I delete the file and it returns and it always remains at zero bytes.
Obviously it’s not killing me but I don’t like strange files constantly turning up for various reasons.

When you check the file properties does it give a clue about its publisher?

No nothing. FileAlyzer reports nothing.


i have the same problem as MSB

after deleting stsrvl.exe it always reappears.

i found this 05/09/19-00:15:04

I don’t have Dragon Browser
but dont know what it is or what it does

someone from comodo would like to explain .

bb444. Thank you for the logs. What logs are they? From Event Viewer?

I took a look at Scheduled Tasks and only the taks of Comodo Message Center is run every hour. Do you have Dragon installed?


I am having this problem too :'(, I have COMODO and all of its features installed and “stsrvl.exe” is always reappearing in my Temp folder… I uninstalled Dragon but id didn’t do anything, so I decided to uninstall COMODO too and see if it is something belongs to it. Now I’m waiting for a result, I will write it here if I have something…
Actually, yeah it was not in 2019 for me when it first appeared, it was at the end of 2020, around december update maybe, when some people had problem with COMODO… :-\

So, after I uninstalled COMODO and after about an hour “stsrvl.exe” reappeared in the Temp folder… I don’t know what is it then…


I don’t surely know when appeared it first time, but maybe after the 2020 december update, there is a 0 byte executable file in my Temp folder called “stsrvl.exe” and every time I delete it it reappears. There is no information about it, I can’t run it, so I tried to search after it but didn’t find anything, just it can be a dragon tool. But I don’t think it is, because I uninstalled dragon and it reappeared too. So I tried to uninstall COMODO (I kept safe shopping) to see if its still there, and it reappeared too after approx. an hour… I don’t really know what is it then and what it belongs to, but I hope someone can help me out here, please! :cry:

Thanks in advance!

Did you run a full AV scan of you full system to check for malware or viruses?

I ran a full AV scan on my C drive a few days ago, didn’t find anything, but I run a fast scan every day. And I reinstalled my system at the end of 2020 december and I didn’t install any malicious software from then. :frowning:

It is a virus. Test your computer by booting from a LiveCD from a serious brand such as DrWeb CureIt, not COMODO.
If you can still delete this file at least temporarily, create a file with the same name and delete all users from it, the virus may not be able to overwrite it with its own file, but this will be a half-hearted solution.
Prohibit the system from launching any files from% appdata% and temp, for normal programs this is not necessary, and viruses love this folder.

Do you think you could help me with this, because I don’t really understand what you mean? :-\

I wouldn’t worry about this file. It’s part of Comodo (Dragon probably). I have no idea what it does, but it’s on every system I’ve worked with, including this one and it’s completely benign . . . One of the Devs would be able to tell you exactly its purpose

Thank you for your comforting words :slight_smile: , and I would be grateful if one of the Developers could tell me its purpose. Can you tell me how can I reach one?

Please do not double post. You already have this question in another thread that is being / has been answered

Bearing in mind the date, one will be along onetime and see the question . . .

Okay, sorry, I’m gonna delete from this thread then. Thanks!