Strange Virus in Laptop Vista 32 bit

My laptop is showings signs of a never before heard virus infection.
I am using MSE antivius.

I dont remember the name of the strange process running in task manager. I will check and tell later as i am currently running a scan in safe mode and the process is not visible(i have checked show all procesess from user).

MSE alerted me many times that it had found a worm win32/slenfbot.gen!D.But each time i clean the infection, it returns.

I am getting popups(screenshot attached).
I will report back after the scanning is done.

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You can read more about this infection here :slight_smile:

Thanks jaytec.
I went to safe mode and scanned with MSE. Noyhing showed up. So i deleted the file(something called ctmvld.exe(my guess)). Now there are no popups and i’ll be scanning with CIS. :slight_smile:

Just to be safe you may also want to scan with some of the programs in this guide:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

I would at the very least do a scan with GMER.

Yes i will be scanning with GMER and malwarebytes 2morrow.
By the way the file got downloaded after i clicked a link that was forwarded to me by my friend while we were chatting through gtalk. But from what i had read about the virus is that it spreads via MSN messenger.

Nowadays we ought not trust our own friends!!!