strange viewing filehippo

Dear friends,

plz help me. in last few week, i always have problem when i try to open the display looks strange as it is shown in the following link: :cry:

but, if i open filehippo in other browsers, the display is normal as usual.
i use Comodo Dragon (using Comodo Secure DNS only in Comodo Dragon), windows 8 x32 Pro.

thx 4 your help

Have you tried without Comodo DNS? Also which extensions are you using?


i’m using Ad block Plus, WOT, & Abine do-not-track Me extensions as usual. i’ve tried to disable the extensions, but it doesn’t work. sometimes, the display looks normal, but the problem continues when i refresh or go through the page.

thx 4 your response.

I’m not able to reproduce with those extensions. Obvious question, have you cleared your cache and cookies?


yes i do. i’ve tried to clear cookies & cache. but so far, i think the problem is in my PC side. finally, the PROBLEM SOLVED after i restarted my PC several times. the display becomes normal again when i visit filehippo.


thx a lot 4 your help.

or might the problem come from Comodo Secure DNS (as you stated above)? as the similar (not exactly same) problem occured in the following thread:;msg659053#msg659053