Strange uT error (says Firewall)


I’m using Comodo 5.12 on this dedicated PC for some reasons. Since a month or so, the uTorrent client throws up RED (not connectable) flag because Firewall/Router is limiting your network traffic. The result is very poor seeding speeds (upload). Download is fine.

I do not remember changing any configuration in Firewall or Router (technically bridge connection).

Why this strange problem appearing in uT client? Is it possible that my ISP throttling upload data for torrent seeding? How to turn uT to GREEN? I’m quite confused. Any lead or clue would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,

It says I need to open up a port…

In order to do that, should I need to assign my Network Zone to uT application or global rule?

Can anyone help? Thanks


I’ve checked all App rules:

  1. Allow - TCP/UDP - IN - Single Port (54321)

  2. Allow - TCP/UDP - OUT - Any port

  3. Block - IP - both IN & OUT rules

Global Rules:

  1. Allow - TCP/UDP - IN - Single Port (54321)

  2. Block - IP - IN

I’m frustrated about why uT still shows RED :-\ :-\

Should I unistall and re-install the Firewall? uT too?

I just ran a test:

a) disabled Firewall
b) opened uT but still same issue – status slowly turned into RED

What does it mean? Can someone please respond :o


I’m downloading CIS 5.12 from this site:

Could someone confirm if that file is safe to use?

Thank you

I’ve re-installed and re-configured both Comodo and uTorrent.

I use this tool to check for ports:

No luck yet. Can anyone take a look into this problem once? I don’t know what else to look… :frowning:

Thank you.

If you disabled the firewall and still have issues then you need to open the port in your router as it is blocking the port for incoming connections before comodo firewall.

Hello futuretech,

This machine has same hardware device* and comodo since many years. There wasn’t any such problem earlier with the same configuration.

*only as bridge mode because of ISP incompatibility. Not a proper Router at all.

I do not comprehend how come the port is getting blocked, why?

Should I need to enable any Windows Service? What else to look?

Is there any problem within my ISP network? I mean, from outside port forward website, I see one IP (1xx.xx.xx.xx) but from within WOS (ipconfig/all) I see another one, i.e private IP

I didn’t notice such a network config earlier. Is this the reason?

Yes you are behind a NAT device or other gateway device that assigns private IP address to the local network and for it to properly forward traffic on a given inbound port, it needs to be configured in its config screen to know which private IP address to send incoming connections to on a given port.


I’ve checked everything withing my PC, Firewall and uT. Just to make sure, yesterday evening I’ve uninstalled, re-installed and newly configured Comodo (app/global rules) and uT software.

As far as my ISP is concerned, they never throttled tracker data because am getting ~3 MB/s download speeds on 25 Mbps fiber line. Goes full GREEN. That being said, I don’t know if they began throttling any upload torrent data. I doubt that. All I could see is ORANGE triangle when no seeding or switching both colors.

Does this sound a problem?

Regarding your response:

Where should I configure to know which private IP? App or Global rules?

These are the network zones:

  1. Homes #1 – /
  2. Loopback Zone

To configure comodo firewall, in global rules create an allow incoming rule with protocol tcp/udp, source and destination address any, and destination port being the port utorrent is listening on. Then create the same rule for utorrent in application firewall rules.

For your gateway device you need to know your current assigned private IP address of your computer and then use that when configuring the gateway device in its admin config page for port forwarding.

Hi futuretech,

I have those rules already in the firewall. Here we go:

App Rules

  1. Allow – TDP or UDP – In - Single Port (56500)

  2. Allow – TDP or UDP – Out - Any Port

  3. Block – IP – In

  4. Block – IP – Out

Global Rule

  1. Allow – TDP or UDP – In - Single Port (56500)

  2. Allow – IP – Out [Home #1]

  3. Allow – IP – In [Home #1]

Those are the rules. Aren’t good enough?

Regd Router: I’m not using it as a proper Router. Only as Bridge Mode (switch). Will there be any problem with the private IP config?

I’m using Router as bridge connection due to the current ISP incompatibility (It’s an old ADSL+ Router; PPPOE).

In the Router screen below, there is no DHCP enabled at all.

However, my ISP is DHCP based.

My point is: I never used Router functionality due to some reasons, and there wasn’t any problem like am facing now. Perhaps if should try edit existing or make Firewall App/Global rules in order to get connectable with trackers (seeding) and so on? :unsure:

Try setting comodo firewall to disabled and make sure you have the built-in Windows firewall turned off via control panel. Then see if you can get green and be able to seed. If after turning off the firewall and it still has connection problems then you need to follow this guide to setup port forwarding and use for the local IP address field the IP address you get from ipconfig.

Sure, but I’m apprehensive of using Windows Firewall. Nevertheless, I’ll go for it once after uninstalling Comodo completely. Should I install Windows Defender or not needed?

When I open uT application, green color only stays for 1 min or more. My Q, how come it goes green and turns into orange?

I’ve one question: is it possible to configure Comodo rules with this kind of private IP address? Is there a solution to this problem without port forwarding in the router? I mean, this modem/router has to be retired to achieve that functionality and it’s an old router too.

You don’t need to uninstall Comodo firewall, just set the firewall mode to disabled. The rules you have been using is fine and you don’t need to specify IP addresses in those rules. Again if after disabling all firewalls in Windows and you can’t get green then you must use port forwarding.

I disable all Firewalls but same thing happens; turns from green to orange after a minute or two.

I never experienced such problem with my ISP since 2010 December! I suspect it is because of the private IP implementation on the network.

Bottom line: nothing much to do in such case. Isn’t it?

Please read this once:

At least, I’m not alone!

When discussing bridged connection, portfowarding is out of the equation. All your ports are open.