Strange update?

I just updated Comodo via the built in updater. When I went to go check the version after the restart, I’m seeing two different versions. I’m a bit confused of whats going on…

My add or remove programs (vista) shows Doesn’t look like CFP updates the installer data when you do an upgrade-just lists the last clean install. But your “about” is correct. :slight_smile:

But am I still running the latest version of Comodo ???


I think you are right about that sded,
My add / remove programs says and my about shows I have used the updater each time.


So when you first install Comodo, Window’s add/remove programs takes the version of the installer, and when you update via Comodo, only the about part in Comodo will show the latest version but that program has been updated, right?

That’s correct :), on my Vista machine it still shows Comodo Firewall 3 RC as an entry, but I am of course using the latest which I got through the updater :slight_smile: