strange update virus database [Merged Threads]

I have manually updated via ‘’miscellaneous’’ the program updated to .427 btw, and it says virus database updated I can see this because the time changed but its still 470 .

I seen this morning the same it said it was updated but the database was still the same 470 ?

a sec ago i pressed in summary menu on the update time , and it update to 477 ? so from 470 to 477 ?
I pressed a few times more, it says database is up to date, ok, but the time its updated has changed.

AMD64 3500+
XP sp3 32bit
CIS (incl firewall d+)

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As of now the dabase is 487. The jump in version numbers is normal.

I agree it is weird it will tell the latst time the updater ran. That doesn’t mean it was updated then.

If i, in CIS main window, press the “update time” for the Anti-Virus, to check if there is a
new database update, the time change…

Even if there is NO update awaileble, and the database is up-to-date?

It should NOT be doing that, when i says that, “The virus database has been updated on…”…

Does anyone have an idea, to what might cause this problem…?

  1. Im using the 64bit version.
  2. I have tryed to uninstalle CIS, and clean the reg more than one time.


IDK if it’s supposed to do that or if its a bug. I havn’t seen it confirmed as a bug. Many other have complained about it. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I like it, it’s just showing the last time it checked for updates.

But it show NOT show the last time it checked… As it says in CIS “The virus database has been updated on…”

So that means that should NOT change the time, if the database has NOT been updated…

To me it’s OK. It’s not a bug. When you read update translate to synchronize :Beer

To putting final point at update behaviours questions Comodo can put the number of signature file and it’s creation date in the sumary CIS view.

Merged Threads. (:m*)




I added it to the wishlist.

For example of CIS summary screens, which include this request, see this post.