Strange traditions

Well, as mankind IS strange, and has ever been, I ask of you to tell me something about:

Customs, traditions, rites or whatever you wanna call it, existing in your country.

Should be very interesting and (sometimes) funny…

Superstition, religion, fairy tales…everything allowed here.

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #1
Men do not cook in the kitchen, but women are not allowed to touch the barbecue. Ever. At all.

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #2
Whoever holds the barbecue tongs can do almost whatever he wants. They’re like a combo magic wand - force field - light sabre thingy.

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #3
Nothing gets burnt on a barbecue. Nothing. Ever. Its not burnt, just a little charred, well done, if you may.

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #4
There is no barbecue sin that tomato sauce (ketchup) can’t fix

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #5
No barbecue is ever hot enough.

Strange Aussie barbecue custom #6
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, except when trying to light a wood fired Weber.

Thank you @panic
is that really ALL
world has to offer
concerning strange customs and rites? I think it’s not.

Well, if you show me yours, I’ll give you mine…

If it turns out to be there are no customs and traditions left, there won’t be any REBOL, as well…


How about an Aussie story from a Yank. First time I visited Australia, I ended up in Alice Springs. The most surprising thing I saw was the relationship between the aboriginals and the White Australians. On the streets, they pretended like the other wasn’t there. They would walk around each other to avoid collision, but there were never greetings, eye contacts, any acknowledgement. There were dedicated bars set up for the Abos, but most preferred to sit out in the street, in the open, and drink there. So after some tourist complaints, the Town Council passed a law saying no public drinking within 1km of a bar or liquor store. And in a small town, nothing is further than 1 km away from a bar or liquor store. Meanwhile there was a hotel called the Telford Alice, that had a rooftop patio where the White Australians and Yanks could have a few drinks in the open. After the law was passed, the Abos decided that if they couldn’t drink in the open, nobody could. So they burned down the Telford Alice. I left town before much else happened, but it was certainly one of the highlights of my introduction to strange regional traditions. :slight_smile:

LOL. Alice is a strange tradition in itself.