Strange stuff on active process list

I occasionally see things on the active process list I don’t think make sense, so this time I captured one. I think it shows that explorer.exe started popman.exe started opera.exe but I am not sure. This is certainly false, since popman.exe is a mail browser, and opera.exe is not used for mail at all. What is all this supposed to mean, or is it just an error?

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If you open your email in popman and then click on a link in the email that open in opera you will get this.

Sounds reasonable, but this is the only place Opera appears on the list, and it was initally spawned normally by explorer. Popit is not the parent, explorer still is. And Popit just sent an http to the already open program. Tried closing and reopening Opera, and got the normal Opera under Explorer-in addition to the Opera under Popit. Misleading, but not a real problem-just need to take the running process list a little loosely. :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment,