Strange shadow round Comodo tray icon

This morning I noticed a strange shadow surrounding the Comodo tray icon.
I’d never seen this before - only the normal red/green arrows indicating traffic.
I double-clicked the icon to open the GUI to check if everything was configured OK and the shadow disappeared.
Is there any significance to the shadow, I can’t see anything about it in the help file, or was it a strange windows redraw bug?


Hmmm… Haven’t seen that. If it happens again, grab a screenshot if you can.

May be you saw a program update announced? Run the updater from Miscellaneous → Check for updates.

No, I’m already updated to the latest 3.10…531.
I think I’ve seen somewhere that the ‘flames’ around the shield indicate a program update is available.
This was a like a thick black line around the shield - I wish I’d done a screengrab before it disappeared!