Strange Server Busy popups


Since few days, I’m getting a strange error message which is partially slowing down a few programs such as browser launch, utorrent program response, slow tool tips etc on this dedicated Internet PC (standalone; never gets connected to LAN).

OS: Win XP SP3

Is this something to do with Avira upgrade from 12 to 13 version?

I’ve attached the error pop up window. I did the following:

a) Full System scan with complete Root kit with Avrira - NO prob
b) Full System scan with Malwarebytes - NO prob

Is this a false alarm or what is it ??? (never seen such a message in my life).

Kindly respond,

Thank you.

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I’ve posted this on Avira Forum too. I don’t get why this is happening…

edit: Can’t I track this with Comodo Firewall ???