strange registry keys, syslogd

Hi guys,
I have just installed the firewall V3, earlier I used the V2.4. It now seems much more complicated for me. I know I have to learn the usage, but please explain me what it is:
I installed kiwi syslog daemon ( and wanted to configure to collect the router messages. CFP cought a lot of registry access by syslogd.exe like this:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID{49C82E1E-DC6A-7A22-2EF4-61E34EFC8B27}\jIyagsKkvgSgx or
The last part seems to be a random string, there are only “valid” entries: InprocServer32 containing an InprocServ32 name with a garbage-like value and ProgID containing only the default entry: “Microsoft.ITSS.AssociationSet”
I tried to find it at - Najnowsze wiadomości z Polski i ze świata, but no success. Can you please explain me what could it be, and how to go further?

It occured when I started that daemon, but not every time. Also some of those accesses are blocked, some of them are allowed, but it does not affect the daemon itself (looks like).

And one more thing: can you also indicate somehow if it is read or write access?