strange process called "windows operating system"

Hello to the comodo comunity, I’ve been using CIS for about 2 years now without an issue, until now.
My problem is that I found this process running on my pc and can’t end it nor check its location.

yesterday a simple window with the process name popped up when I started my pc telling me that it needed to restart the system to apply some changes, which was far too strange for me, I tryed to make a full check with comodo but it didn’t find anything.
This process appeared on my system when I plugged in my usb 4gb memory card which I lended to a friend

here is a screenshot

I can’t end this process nor check it’s location, also when I tryed to send this file to be checked by comodo team it told me it couldn’t find/access the file

Thank you in advance, I hope this has a solution

Welcome to the forum.

What you’ve encountered is Process ID (PID) 0 (zero). This entity - it’s actually a fake process - is known by several different names, such as System Idle Process or in the case of Comodo, Windows Operating System.

Without going in to technical details, this entity has a number of roles to play and in the case of the Comodo firewall, one of them, is dealing with connection requests when no other process is available. It’s quite legitimate and nothing to worry about.

The reason you weren’t able to submit it for analyses is, as I said, it’s a fake process, there’s no corresponding image on disk, likewise, your inability to terminate it.

Use a/the system task manager. Like process explorer.

There should not be a “windows operating system” process THEN.

In comodo its a placeholder for example in the firewall, when something is blocked before a process can be assigned.