Strange problem occurring with Skype and Team Viewer 3

Hey everyone, just wanted to report what may be a problem occurring with Skype (both the recent 3.5 version and the most recent 3.6). I tried connecting with my firewall off (yes, I said OFF) but I kept on getting a connectivity error. Restart skype, wait two minutes, if problem persists contact system administrator error. Anyway, for the heck of it I turned my firewall ON (yes ON) and tried Skype again: AND IT WORKS.

Anyway, to see if I could reproduce this I closed the firewall and tried Skype again but it still worked. It had to be something with the firewall and Skype as the only other things I installed were Roboform, Paragon Hard Disk Manager, YPops, Hot Keyz, and maybe one or two other programs. Except nothing changed with those installations. The only thing that did change was firewall being on and off.

I’m using the latest .276 version of CFP with defense+ enabled on a Win XP SP2 system with Nod32 AV and BoClean. I don’t see how any of this is causing the problem since I don’t shut those down usually. Might be something to look into.


Ok, a little update to this. I had the same situation occur with Team Viewer 3 that I did with Skype. When the firewall was off neither of these programs could connect to the Internet. If I turn the firewall back on they both have instant connectivity.

Interestingly enough, if I turned the firewall on then back off again both programs still have connectivity.

I also don’t lose the connection altogether as I am able to browse with Firefox and receive emails with Outlook while this is occurring.

Has anyone seen anything about this in Bug Reports? I haven’t but I’d be interested to know whats causing it. It’s not a big deal as it is easily rectifiable, either turn firewall on and leave it on or turn it on then back off. I know everyone out there is asking why it is off to begin with, and the answer is when using Skype or Teamviewer I have the fear that it watching all those constant connections will kill it. I know, illogical fear but a fear just the same.