Strange problem about firewall use with two VPN(VPN in VPN)

I use L2TP connection to connect to internet at my dorm. And i have a PPTP VPN to browse some website(VPN in VPN), before installed the firewall, everything works fine.

But after the firewall is installed, problem occured.

i can connect the two VPN ,but i cant browse any website. If i modify my routing table,add some entries about some website, to let me reach these webs without going through the SECOND VPN, then i can browse these webs properly. But those webs need to be reached through SENCOND VPN, it failed. And the result of Tracert shows that i can reached thouse webs’s IP through THE SECOND VPN. I just cant browse them with any browser.

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Please show a screenshot of your Firewall logs (View Firewall Events).