Strange prob, help needed

XP SP3 laptop
Windows fw enabled
No security software
Only I use this system
Not much software installed, no personal or imp stuffs
Its a test system
No probs with the system yet

Today, suddenly many keyboard tabs on the laptop is not working, if I type anything in the searchbar, addressbar of any browsers, start-run, some inverted single commas like thing automatically start appearing in the typing space and due to many keyboard tabs not working, I tried to change my windows logon password but in the password space dots automatically keeps appearing. Finally I removed the password.

I tried HMP and MBAM, both didn’t find anything.

Installed CIS6 and set to proactive but nothing suspicious or any popup appeared.

CCE scan set to check MBR didn’t found anything.

Manually checked system for anything suspicious but couldn’t find anything.

QuickRepair showed everything fine.

KillSwitch showed all the processes trusted except CIS processes, it was showing all CIS processes unknown, checked 3 times but same unknown.

AutoRun analyzed lots as trusted and lots as unknown, tried 3 times but same, previously i.e before the prob all these unknown were trusted in autorun.

Dont know what suddenly happened? What to do?

Have you tried with another keyboard just to see if it works?

I dont have external keyboard. But isn’t it strange, suddenly many tabs are not working?

It is strange, I’m wondering whether it’s a hardware issue or a software issue :-\

A quick question, by tabs you mean keys yes?

Yes keys i.e few alphabets, few numbers, few other keys are not working.

Ran checkdisk & it corrected corrupted file, recovered missing entry, inserted attribute & probs seems to be solved for now

Keyboard is still not working. Tried uninstalling keyboard driver through device manager but didn’t helped.

Suddenly keyboard is working now & I am typing from the same laptop. I dont know whats happening here but suddenly something happens & laptop makes continuous sound (like frogs voice) when I try opening sub-things of any things i.e if I click KillSwitch & then open quick repair or autorun, etc the voice appears, likewise with other things, probs also returns.

Half way of this post again keyboard stopped working but few keys that were previousy not working are working now.

By the way I tried allrepair. After that eventviewer is showing a thing. `Attached is the screenshot. Is this risky?

[attachment deleted by admin]

I think I have found the source of the prob. I think the laptop keys are kind of sticking & thus the prob. If I pull them a little things works fine till they kind of stick again.

Any solution for this?

You can google for something like ‘Clean laptop keyboard’ I got so many results that I’m not sure what to link ˆ-ˆ’’ I think it depends a little on the keys on your keyboard, some can be removed and easily cleaned, others will break if removed so you have to open up your whole laptop but I’d say look through some of the guides and see if you can fix it.

edit: Generally you will need a certain alcohol (can’t remember what it’s called, should say in some guides) this will be the key ingredient to removing the sticky stuff, just remember to remove the battery and AC connection when doing things to your keyboard.