Strange missing and new files

so I’ve noticed some strange behaviour that’s only started since I upgraded from beta to comodo cloud, picture files in my sync’d folders have been losing their data.

files which I’ve had for years and new files (at random) seem to be going to 0kb, this is reflected in the online files i’ve backed up to the cloud, but these file were fine in the past.

now I’ve found that a whole folder has gone from having over 200 holiday pictures to only 6 (just gone not 0kb) but when i came to check the online folder to restore, they also have completely disappeared.

I checked after i first backup so i know they definitely went to the cloud but now have vanished.

i’ve also noticed new files have been created with the filename then ending “.tmpcomodo” (this is same whether the file is normal or 0kb)

Actions taken

i’ve ran 4 different anti-virus products (because it sounds like a virus) all clear
i’ve ran chkdisk no errors
i’ve ran restore programs and they found the files but they have already been overritten and cant be restored.
i’ve checked the times and dates they were deleted and compared that to the event log which shows nothing happening at that time (no crashes or shutdowns or errors).

I thought sync-ing to the cloud only backup changes not deleted files so unless am wrong I don’t understand where they have gone.

Any help