Strange mail about comodo anti-spam? [Solved]

I am not using the tool myself, only CFP2 and now CFP3.

I (for myself) have already classified this eMail as Spam and/or trick to verify addresses for future spam.

This is the content:

Hi, it's . I finally decided I'd had enough of junk mail, and installed a fantastic application that gets rid of it all. Unfortunately, you are not yet in my trusted senders list!! The only way I'll get your emails is if you follow the steps outlined below:

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Press Reply
  2. In the body of the reply, type in my AntiSpam Passcode contained in the graphical attachment.
  3. Press Send

When I receive this reply, I will know that it was really you that sent me the email and not a
computerized spammer. I will then be able to receive all your mail. This authentication will be
done only once.

Thank you & have a great day,

You are receiving this messages in response to your email to, a Comodo AntiSpam user.
Our Passcode Authentication Technology requires senders to verify themselves before their mail is delivered. You will only need to do this once.

Comodo AntiSpam is completely free. Experience a 100% spam free inbox for yourself by visiting

X-Comodo-AntiSpamRFA (

Question is… is that a legit eMail if you have that software installed? I didn’t open the picture or even responded.
Why did I censor the name? Because it’s mine! lol
Now, there is one possible explanation for that.
I did test the registration on my homepage and (stupid me) mistyped my test-mail account at gMail.
I did instead of at the first attempt and it would be possible that this user is responding to that especially since I didn’t get a failure notice about that mails status…

Either way, I am not going to respond but is this a legit mail? Only curious here :slight_smile:

I’m not aware of any Comodo advert effort using email. And anything going thru the forums has a secure way of sending any messages, via PM.

This looks like a phish, or an attempt to infect your machine thru a attachment. I mean, why not go thru a web page, logged in thru the forums?

You are correct, in it is best not to touch this “with a 3-meter pole”, as some folks would say.

Can you IM me the full headers and message for examination?

this is the challange response email from antispam product i thought…

2. In the body of the reply, type in my AntiSpam Passcode [b]contained in the graphical attachment[/b].

Unknown or unexpected graphical attachments are considered, by site policy here, as a malware-injection attempt. All such email is refused. Even expected graphical attachments from known senders are presumed infected and processed in a clean-room environment.

Any antispam product that opens up a infection vector is a contradiction in terms.

Well, graphics is the only way to send something that cannot be easily read by automated tools.


Will do. Subject will be “Comodo AntiSpam Alert”

Just noticed… for some strange reason that eMail doesnt have the typical avast! Antivirus notice about being scanned. Every other mail before and after has it… Hmmmm…

Thank you, you have an IM.