strange IPs coming!

Hey guys

I’m a bit awkward using COMODO firewall
After installing COMODO firewall when I am using university LAN, I face something abnormal happens to COMODO announcement! since I installed COMODO firewall it auto detects files named"System" coming from strange IP in the internal(LAN) network! Blocking them ,after few minutes pops up asking for permission by COMODO that the same file though another IP XX.XX.XX.XX.XX.XX (which made by eternal network) try to connect to my computer ! what does that mean?? what I guess is, it can be a mechanism design to scan and controlling network in LAN if I’m not wrong. I’m not expert inthis so I cant be sure! if anyone knows anything please give me some tips to get rid of it.
Thank you

use the stealth port wizard. to create a rule that blocks all unrequested ingoing traffic. then you dont have to answer questions for un-needed traffic anyway. (make me invisible to everyone).

when there in a log is standing “system”, it means, from that external adress was tried to access “something” on your pc. if it was tried to access “…exe” you had seen that instead of “system”.

make only outgoing rules (for applications), block and log all [unrequested] ingoing traffic (in global rules), by just making there a rule “block IP (not adress, but protocolls) IN any adress any port”.