Strange Icon Showing In Alerts

I’m using the latest CFP & recently when the alerts showing (99% of the time the defense+ alerts) it shows a tick icon. I did a purge in both the firewall settings & d+ settings, but still keeps showing the icon. I don’t know what could be cause it. I have nod32, latest stable build running, also the latest boclean.

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That seems like a Firefox plugin. Look in the director it is coming from. What is “price”? Unless price is your name. What plugins are you using for Firefox?

Yeah, price is my surname. Instead of listing the plugins, I’ve added a screenshot. I’m just updating a program & the tick has popped up while I’m installing it, again the alert is shown in d+.

[attachment deleted by admin]

What program are you updating? Why don’t you disable all your plugins then enable them one by to see which one is causing it. Launch Firefox each time you enable one.

VSO Image Resizer. I’ll give it a try, but as I said, it also showed up whilest updating the program.

EDIT: Well I started firefox in safe mode, so all plugins were disabled & the icon still showed up when downloading something. The random filename shows first then the real after. So say I was about to download cfp.exe, an alert would show with a random filename eg k97efjejkhfe7.exe, then I select allow, then the real filename eg cfp.exe shows. Both alerts that show have the tick.

EDIT 2: Well after knowing that the icon which is a tick, should actually be a padlock. I thought I’d give reloading the icon cache & also rebuilding it a try & after restarting my pc & trying another d/l the tick has now gone & the padlock is back. I guess something that was installed on the pc stole the icon from CFP. I still get the random filename generation before the actual d/l name shows though. I’m not sure what could be causing it. Will do a few tests to see if I can whittle it down.

Well after doing checks etc to try & find what was causing the random filename generation I couldn’t find what it was, but for whatever reason it now seems to have stopped & just the filename pops up when I’m downloading. :slight_smile: