Strange Icon in system tray?

Strange Icon in system tray?

Hi Guys,

Can someone help me?

I’ve been using Comodo for about 8 weeks now. Last night I noticed the icon in my system tray had changed. I haven’t seen this one before. Can someone tell me what it means?



CIS is in an error state. Open the main screen and go to Miscellaneous and start the Diagnostic wizard.

I did that. There were no problems found.

It seems to be a problem relating to the icon itself and not the program. Looks like the wrong icon is being displayed. I got around it by deleting the ‘IconStreams’ and ‘PastIconStreams’ from the following registry key:-


I then opened the ‘Task Manager’ and clicked the ‘Processes’ tab. Then clicked on ‘Explorer.exe’ and then ‘End Process’. Still in the ‘Task Manager’, I clicked on ‘New Task’ and browsed for ‘Explorer.exe’ in my Windows folder. Clicked OK. You may have to re-boot (I didn’t have to).

I’m running Windows XP Pro. It might be different for Vista.

I had a similar problem after the last update, but Jessica’s fix did the trick.

I’m running WinXP Home SP3

Since I deleted all the icons and then reinstalled them, I’ve had no trouble at all. Is there an ‘official’ fix for this?

I think this is an old bug in the program and there should be coming out a fix some day… there are some threads about this issue on this forum where many people reporting the same problem over and over again…