Strange Firewall comunication


I use Comodo Firewall. And, when i looked on the protocol i seen these IP adresses blocked (incoming conection) of program Windows Operating System. It is OK? I use VPN.

Thank You

They are getting blocked so you’re safe and secure. When CIS logs incoming traffic to which is no program listening it will be dropped and be logged being dealt with by Windows. At which port does the traffic come in? Are you behind a (modem) router or is your pc directly connected to a modem without a router?

The IP addresses belong to business services provider M247: . I don’t see a VPN service as part of their services.

Yes I am behind the router. : Source port: 443 Target Port: 55019 Source port:443 Target Port: 54823 Source port: 443 Target Port: 50011 Source port: 137 Target Port: 137 Source port: 137 Target Port: 137

And i found this outgoing connections (System)

I think this could be traffic from the VPN service. I assume you don’t have ports 443 and 137 open on your router. Is that correct? What VPN service are you using?

Windscribe. How do i find these ports on my router? In settings?

Because you are using a VPN which normally causes extra latency, what is happening is the firewall is blocking late reply packets that were part of an established connection that was recently terminated.

Ok, so you say that is OK? M247 is a legitimate service that?