Strange firewall behaviour about Miranda IM


I’ve got my Miranda IM installed on the external USB hard drive. It works fine with COMODO except for the one very annoying thing: all the time I connect HDD to my PC and start Miranda, COMODO firewall asks to allow or disable network access to miranda.exe. While HDD is connected to PC, COMODO will never ask for that again. But after HDD is reconnected, COMODO forgets my last answer about Miranda and re-asks again.

I will very appreciate if anyone explains what settings need to be change to avoid that situation from happening again.


Comodo ver.: 3.8.65951.477

Welcome to the Forum, t800.

This is normal behavior for CIS. All removable media is default not trusted. This is a security related issue and by design.
As long as the USB drive is connected, it will function as you expect. But as soon as it is removed and re-inserted, CIS will not assume anything on the drive to be safe.
A search of the Forum will show examples where this is a great safety feature for you.

Thanks for the reply!

I searched for the similar issues, but I used “Miranda” as a search pattern, that’s why I could miss info related to USB media.