Strange Firewall alerts


Im using Commodo Firewall on Windows 7 x64. Im really happy with it but there are permanently alerts which I cannot understand.

I added a firewall TCP Inbound rule for my uTorrent client and within my router i`ve added a forwarding rule to my W7-client. Everything is working fine.

If i close the uTorrent client and delete the forwarding rule in my router the Commodo alert counter of blocked attacks still ascends with entries of the remote access to “Windows Operation System” and the inbound TCP-Port of my uTorrent client. When I sniff the packets on my LAN interface with Wireshark there will be none packets captured that matches to this Commodo alerts.

It`s really strange.



Clear the log and see if it still produces the blocked attempts, in the firewall log click more, in that new window go to file>clear>firewall logs.

When no application is listening to incoming traffic the logs will tell it was caught by WOS; WOS is a pseudo process sorta like System idle process in Windows Task Manager.

When closing a p2p client like uTorrent it will take several hours before everybody on the network figured out you went off line and the incoming traffic will have (almost) stopped.