Strange files created in c:\windows by Defense+

At every boot of my computer a new and different file is created in my c:\windows directory. The file is empty, changes every time and looks like this:


Several hundred of these file names were found and empty. The only fix is to disable the Defense+ of Comodo Firewall. Can some one explain what this used for and how it can be prevented? Is there a setting in Defense+ that will turn this off? I would like to keep Defense+ running but the files are annoying. Many thanks


Are these folders or files?

These are folders that are empty (0 files). There are no hidden files either. Checked that too. I ran AVAST, Spybot, Adware, ESET Online and nothing was found. The only thing that stops them from propogating is to disable Defense+.


I have never seen them. On what Windows version is this happening and with what versoion of CIS?

I have a triple boot machine and I don’t see them in the the Windows folders of XP, Vista or 7.

It’s not uncommon for these folders to be generated as temporary work areas when installing new software, particularly Windows updates. Normally, however, they’re removed post installation, although it’s not unknown for them not to be. it’s also not unknown for these folders to be created in the root of any drive on your system, I’ve had them in my E: root before.

I’m curious though about the relationship between these and D+ and why disabling D+ should prevent their creation. Out of interest, is there anything in the D+ log files (D+/View Defense+ Events/More) or in the Windows log files (Srart/run/eventvwr.msc)?

I am running Win XP SP3 and Comodo firewall 5.8.213334.2131. All updates are current. Since I have turned off Defense+ no new strange files have been created. I thought it may be a virtual file but it doesn’t get deleted at shutdown. Is it safe to keep Defense+ turned off? I like Comodo’s firewall but several hundred empty folders is odd.

Disabling D+ is really taking the heart out of the suite, but I guess it depends what you want. Personally, I’d suggest trying to find out why these folders are being created. Did you check the log files?

R… there are a few files in the windows directory such as $NtUninstallKB915865$ but I read these are needed in case a Microsoft update doesn’t work. There were no errors in Eevent Viewer and the only items in the Defense+ log that stuck out was c:\windows\eHome\ehRec.exe and that it modified one of those strange file names. It appears that there is a conflict between this and Defense+ but I’m not sure how to resolve it.

Are you running XP Media Center Edition?

Edit: Can you say if what you’re seeing is the same as in the image?

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Well… I think I discovered something. First… I do run Media Center but never use its programs. Second… the image posted does not look like the folders created by Defense+. They look like:


Now the good news. After researching the eHome program and some of its files… I found that I can disable them in services.msc. After doing this and rebooting there were no new odd files created in c:\windows. Apparently there is a conflict between Defense+ and eHome that is causing the files to be created. I’m happy to leave ehrecvr.exe off and continue to run Defense+. Comodo has a great program and I would like to keep it. Hopefully this will help others should they find strange folders on their computer. Many thanks Radaghast and everyone else who helped solve this isuue. Happy Holidays!!!


I’m glad you found a fix. Thanks for reporting back.