Strange file path of installed programs , not what they are in popup

I bet this error when I click the button to show the path of an aplacation in thepop up box that is asking permission to run. “E:1\utl2\spybot\sdwelcome.exe” where the beginning should b "K:"
Instead of "E:1". the path is displayed incorrectly. It happened to Firefox as well but not to other progs I have. I’ll try to display a picture…

what do I type in between the IMg brackets for a picture? Plz help. Thanku for your time.

Mike v

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Is the application on an external drive of some sort? What version of CIS are you running?

Do handles in the resource monitor commonly have strange drive paths?

What version of CIS are you running? I remember from somewhere in the 5 series where external drives, iirc, would show up like that.

Is Spybot installed on a drive in your computer or on an external device?