Strange Entry in the Comodo Firewall Network Security Policy

I have been using the Comodo Firewall for the last 6 years, but I have never come across a situation like this one. Tonight I was reviewing the entries in my Comodo Firewall Security Policy and I came across one entitled 7288346a7925cf45abf497\setup.exe which was a recent entry and had been marked with the green arrow of permission. The only software that I have installed lately is Nikon’s Capture NX2 and though I can’t say for sure I do have doubts that it’s installer would have such a cryptic identity because in my experience with the Comodo Firewall is that the name of the installer is usually contained at least in part within it’s title although I realize that it is possible this might not be the case in this instance. Do any of you have any idea as to the possible legitimacy of this installer with it’s cryptic title might be? I have scanned my Win 7 computer several times using both the Emsisoft Emergency Kit as well as with Hitman Pro and they have repeatedly detected no infections while using the latest definitions.

The bottom line in what I am asking is whether or not this oddly named installer and whatever software it installed are legitimate by definition in that it had obtained Comodo Firewall permission, or whether it was somehow possible for this installer to have created privilege within the Comodo Firewall without giving it my express permission?


As far as I know you should get pop-ups, but for that name it makes me think it’s one of those Windows Updates that just extracts to the C:\ and then installs .If it was signed, say by Microsoft or another trusted vendor, Comodo will permit it. If none of those programs found it to be bad nor had Comodo displayed a msg about it, you should be ok.

Hopefully one of the mods can enlighten us a bit more.