Strange entries in My Pending Files the last two days

The first thing I do when signing into my PC account is check the fies “Waiting your revue” as I like to keep this list from building up. Normally there are only a couple eg Antivirus updates or if I have deleted/added a new program in the previous day I might have several. However, the last two days when I have signed into my PC account as well as the usual 3 files to do with my AV I have had around 75+ entries with the following text.

C:\System Volume Information_restore

The other 70+ are exactly the same but the final four numbers prior to .dll range from 5257-5191

Usually Files only appear in My Pending if something has changed ie the AV updating each morning at 0500hrs but these files weren’t there when I signed out of my PC to go to bed last night and no-one has used the PC in the interim.Can anyone tell me why these files are appearing and where do they come from.

Only changes in my PC the last two days are upgrading SpywareBlaster and SuperAntiSpyware to the latest versions, both have upgraded to a completely new version V4.

I am not very PC technical so would appreciate it if someone could explain where these files are coming from. I use Avira Antivir Personal Edition Classic as AV.

Windows clears out old system restore points every so often thats why they are there. I clean out my old restore points my self and they appears in my pending files. If you don’t want my pending files anymore then move the D+ slider to “train with safe mode”.

Thanks for the reply Vettetech, so it’s nothing to be bothered about then.

No. Its normal. (R)