strange defense plus pop up upon reboot

HI all i get a defense + pop up when i reboot my system it happens so fast that i can’t tell what it is all i know is it has no info at all i did see that just to back boxes were usually programs are? usually it ends with a error of the program some application what should i do quickly hit allow and remember?

If we don’t know what the error reads then how can we help you. What do you logs say? Have you run the Diagnostic wizard and see if it finds anything. Its really a good idea to keep your kids away from your pc. If they are gonna play with it them I might suggest you use Returnil. Any changes made to your pc can be undone by simply rebooting.

this has been happening before she did that just figured i would pop the question out here as it did it again today. and usually i turn my pc off before i leave to prevent this but i forgot this time .

logs say nothing about this at all diagnostics find nothing wrong.

anyone now what i should do about this strange defense + alert upon reboot ? all checks out a ok i wish i new what it was as it is just a blank alert box? must be for a application that is shutting down.

Hard to help you if we cannot tell or see what it is. Only you can. Are you 100% sure its a D+ alert? What does it say? Can you reboot your pc and sit and watch to try and catch it?

positive its a defense + alert as it says it on it but all it shows is blank and two black boxes were the application words would be. i will try and and get a pic of it i have a digital camera.

Well maybe its easiest to just do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Comodo.

why comodo working fine i think it is one of my applications trying to close or access something upon close i don’t think it is comodo as i did comodo diagnostic and all is a ok on it’s end.

Try leaving D+ and the firewall in training mode for a couple of days.

won’t that give me a bunch of pending applications? if it wont i will do this for a few days thanks Vettetech

No it will not. Pending files comes from using “clean pc mode”.

thanks a bunch will pop it on :slight_smile:

i think i figured it out i might have a application that is not being shut down right upon restart and that might be that stupid drwatson thing. i can’t seam to reproduce it now lol.

I have my registry tweaked so everything shuts down immediately. If it is Dr Watson then simply disable it.