Strange crash.

My computer has been running as expected, up until about 25 minutes ago when javaw.exe spontaneously requested permission to access DNS/RPC Client Access I allowed this request because I assumed it was attempting an update or something like that…
I have automatic updates turned off in java, this program was invoked for no reason apparently, well anyways it requested permission to access DNS/RPC Client Access I allowed it then javaw.exe requested permission to modify the key “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\lps” I allowed this request as well, right the second I allowed it to modify that key dwwin.exe was invoked and Comodo crashed, I unpluged my internet just to be safe. CFP.exe was still completely functional, it allowed mt to go inside cfp.exe and view what was going on, right when I disconnected my internet I noticed another logged attempt by javaw.exe to access DNS/RPC Client Access, I rebooted my computer and removed the rules for javaw.exe, I don’t know if it was just a strange fluke.
Has anybody else experienced a similar problem??
I went to that registry location and cant locate anything by the name of “lps”, the only file that is similar to it is ELPS.exe, the remote Comodo help utility.

I looked in the Event Viewer and this is what it says -

Faulting Application cfp.exe, version 3.9.11372.506, faulting module, version, fault address 0x00000000
Company Name:Microsoft
Evend ID:1000
File Name:faultrep.dll
File Version:5.1.2600.5512
Product Name:Microsoft Windows Operating System
Product Version:5.1.2600.50512
Source:Application Error
Time:4:17:21 PM

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Hi James,
The Comodo LivePCSupport Is A Jawa Based Program And That’s The One Which Tried To Access Your Registry. I Have Attached A Screenshot For Your Refernce. So I Don’t Think That Would Be The Cause For The Crash. However Let Me Check With Eventviewer Log You Have Posted And Update You As Soon As Possible.

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