Strange connection entry to a strange ip? Directly after complete sys install :S


Please, I´d like help on this! After just reinstalling my laptop (Windows 7) and finishing updating my Windows I just installed Acer tools, MS Office and SQL from cd and Comodo from the internet.

After installing Comodo I´ve only additionally installed Opera. Still I´ve the idea that my laptop is acting strange:

  1. Last time I installed Comodo is in August. Yet this Comodo install looks different, although back then I used the offline installation files for x64 architecture and now I used the universal web-installer. Of course this could easily be some development on the program, still it looks strange to me.

  2. I´m getting this strange connection listed in my connection overview, it already starts right after boot/login before my computer has done any update checks or before I´ve started any browsing or e-mail or any net activity like that. The connection goes to both UDP and TCP 4447 4448, to an ip assigned to Fortress ITX??? The process name is cmdagent.exe which is I believe some internal Comodo executable. It launches like 10+ connections and about 3 of them I cannot terminate??

  3. When I saw this a few times I restarted again to see how fast this connection starts. Well, it immediately popped up and maby I just didn´t wait enough to let my computer boot normally but the Comodo connection overview screen froze in a strange way and I wasn´t able to get it closed. I mean I just installed my laptop? Normally it doesnt even do this when I used it for like two months?

Just dont trust it, anybody have ideas? Is there like any way to check if my Comodo is not corrupted? Maby for once I was a victim of this phishing thing myself during my d/l? I don´t know what to do…

Thanks for the help already!

Those are Comodo clouds. Readme.

Thanks very much because I already found some site stating that port to be used by viruses so I was kind of worried, banking and other sensitive information to be retrieved from my old install. Would you also happen to know how I make windows destroy data on the harddisk (it needs to be overwritten 7 times?) when I empty my trash folder?

p.s. I don´t like to bother you guys although I´m kind of stuck here. Like I got to understand most of basic internet by just looking carefully to my Comodo and searching defenitions on the internet, its quite a complicated struggle to find all this for me…

CCleaner can do that for you.