Strange computer lock up Comodo Firewall

Hello everyone,

I have used the comodo firewall for years and it has always done a very good job and never caused lock ups or crashes.

Since a few months my computer started to completely lock up when playing the witcher 3 or trying to patch the game The Secret World.
The computer would completely freeze, only a hard reset helps.
The computer is stable, not over-clocked and completely clean.

I tried older firewall versions, version 6 on the main download site and the version 8.x found in this thread :

I disabled everything (hips, viruscope, antivirus, …) only the firewall portion stays active.
I created a rule to make the entire directory where The Witcher 3 was installed a “safe” place so it can accept and send out connections.
I set up rules in my firewall to make exceptions for my virusscanner and vice versa. (tried avast and avira)

Nothing helps, the computer will lock sometimes up after 2 minutes in the game and then sometimes after an hour, but it WILL lock up sooner or later.
No blue screen, no errors in the event manager, nothing at all. The computer sees it as an unexpected power loss since i had to use the reset button.

When i uninstall my antivirus it still locks up.
A new windows 7 installation or even windows 10 and it still locks up.
Even in game mode the computer keeps locking up.
Even more weird … when i exit the firewall application (right click icon and shut down the application) IT STILL LOCKS UP …
Only when i completely uninstall the comodo firewall it helps.

Has anyone encountered something similar ?
I really would like to continue using the comodo firewall.
These are my specs :

I7 920 @ stock speed (2,66 Ghz)
Asus P6T with latest bios 1408
12 GB memory tested at 1000,1333,1600 Mhz
Asus Strix Nvidia GTX 970
Windows 7 PRO (also tested on a new installed clean windows 7 pro and windows 10 pro)

I had such issues when one of my memory sticks was faulty, doesn’t necessarily have to be the same issue for you but I’d recommend running memtest86+ just in case.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I ran memtest X86 for 9+ hours and it came back with no error at all.
The issue still persists, this is a clean windows 7 pro installation. The moment i install comodo the system becomes unstable in Witcher 3.

Problem now is that i don’t trust my computer to not lock up on other programs.