STRANGE!!! Comodo firewall updates only up to 30%!

When i try to update my comodo firewall plus anti-virus it begins to update but it sticks at 30% in progress bar. It sticks there at 30% mark for all day long or for a week may be,with no further at all
Internet connection is ok,fast.
Windows Firewall is not blocking it as well
HDD has enough space to hold the updates
System is fast,spyware,trojan,malware free .
But update never increases from 30% mark at progress bar,Why?
Pretty weird,odd and confusing,isn’t it?
Anyone with comodo firewall having this problem?
What’s all about it and any suggestion of remedies? :-[

It’s not your problem san95, It’s comodo’s.
Nothing more to say really. The updates are just so ■■■■ big and they don’t have a decent progress bar for updates.

What av database version is reported under Miscellaneous → About?

Do you see download traffic happening when updating after booting> Look under Firewall → Common Tasks → View active connection → now look at the traffic for cmdagent.

There are several reports where CIS updates the big 104 MB initial AV database each time it updates (after booting). Hence my questions.

I took the liberty of removing your two other double posts that got locked.

Version: 3.12.111745.560 (free version)
download traffic is noted at the sys tray icon (red down arrows)
And there’s no cmdagent.exe in common task

Should I download and install BASE_END_USER_V2456.cav and place it in scanner folder in comodo CIS installation directory???

In task manager “Show processors from all users”

You can try downloading the BASE_END_USER_V2456.cav. Then disable D; easiest way is to click right on the CIS icon in the systray → Defense + Security Level → set to disabled. Don’t forget to enable D+ again as CIS will not notify after 15 or so minutes

Now place it in the scanners folder. Rename the bases.cav to basec.cav.bak. Now rename BASE_END_USER_V2456.cav to bases.cav. Now enable D+ again and update the AV.

When the above does not work do the renaming when Windows is in Safe Mode; that always works.

I have found the problem to the updates not completing, This is a two part problem the first is that the size of the update is 88 MB which is a bit to big to download all at once if you lose your connection to the server during that download the download needs to start again. This means a lot of people are not getting updated and comodo trys next time.

This has lead to the server being swamped with requests for download and the server is refusing connections as it has a limit on the maximum amount of connections to prevent the server from crashing.

I have raised a request to there support sugesting that the downloads are smaller files that could increment this means that you are not trying to byte of more than you can chew with the downloads.

This should eleviate the server connections once everyone has updated a bit at a time.

I did get a responce from there desktop support susgesting I post my info hear, I hope my sugestions are noted.

Version 4 is supposed to support download resuming.

And also a working update progress bar. Wooot ;D