Strange bug - unable to run any program - no privileges

yesterday i encountered a strange problem with comodo. After google chrome instalation i wasn’t able to run any program or even log off/turn off computer. After hard reset i could login to my account, but no program except services started and i was unable to run any program at all with windows error - can access specified device … check privileges. However, i was able to run program via ‘run as…’ command and using administrator account. Note that my normal account is in administrators group also.
Another strange thing was that even after log in as administrator, the same thing was going on - unable to run any software. Only via ‘run as…’
In safe mode, everything was ok. I scanned my computer with AV, antispyware nothing at all.
As my colleague had a problem with comodo 2 months ago (windows totaly fuc*ed up after install, he went linux) i uninstalled comodo. and voila, everything’s working fine.

Anyone else encountered such behavior? or got any idea what could cause this?

Perhaps the problem is with Google Chrome? Are you able to uninstall Chrome and/or use a Restore Point to resolve?

Even after chrome removal the system was in ‘wont run anything’ state. My restore is turned off so i couldn’t go back.

Btw. right now chrome is running fine on my computer, but comodo is still uninstalled, so i don’t think its problem with chrome.

Did you have a alert from comodo for explorer at the time this happen because the problem usually occurs when you isolate explorer by mistake this has happen to a few users.

I have come across this before, It’s not a bug though. If you have “Block all unknown requests when the application is closed” And something interferes with comodo’s start up it will cause this problem.

Simple solution, boot to safe mode; Open comodo and go to D+ events to see what’s going on.

i was in installation mode during chrome installation, after like a minute comodo reminded me that i should go back to normal. that was all, i was not turning on this “Block all unknown requests when the application is closed”.

Btw comodo was starting as last program, or at least another 5-8 applications were starting before comod, so even if something would interfere with comodo’s start up, at least those programs would be running. But all that was running were some services, nothing else.