Strange behaviour


Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

I recently installed CIS , which installed fine , ran the full scan (nothing found) but now many of my applications are behaving very strangely I am wondering if I have a virus or a trojan that CIS cannot detect ?

Some examples

IE8 cannot change default search from Bing, sure it lists the other search engines but you cannot select them.
IE8 Cannot enter login details to certain webmail sites , the login and password boxes are displayed but you cannot type in them.

Go to control panel and nothing is listed , like wise launch services and no services are displayed.

Its just really weird and I would really appreciate any help, unfortunately I cannot remember if this happened before I installed CIS.


See if programs got sandboxed. Look in Defense + -->Common Tasks → My Pending Files. WHen you see programs you trust there select them and move to My Own Safe files and reboot the computer.

Also read Mouse1’s FAQ (see my signature) and How to remove individual applications/files from the sandbox? and see if that brings any help.

Does that help? When it doesn’t try deleting the rule for IE in Defense + → Advanced -->Computer Security Policy. CIS will recreate a new rule. Does that help?